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Understanding Peer Support

One of the most valuable components of a recovery lifestyle is ongoing, regular peer support. Peer support groups are comprised of individuals who draw from their own diverse experiences and backgrounds to build meaningful relationships with enthusiasm, understanding, and without pressure or judgment. We offer this one-day training course to anyone interested in supporting the recovery process as part of our volunteer team. 

Curriculum Outline

Module 1:

Who is in your peer Group?

Participants will be able to define and understand what constitutes a peer group through small group discovery exercises.

  • Pronouns
  • Commonalities
  • Power imbalances
  • How peer groups can be valuable
  • Debrief with questions

Module 2:

Qualities of Peer Support

Participants will be able to identify and understand the impact of power imbalances, learn how to minimize them, and learn how to recognize a healthy peer support relationship:

    • What power imbalances look like
    • The negative impacts of power imbalances
    • What similarities are useful within a peer group
    • “Power under” people
    • Identity vs. relationship

Module 3: 

Peer Support History

Participants will learn about the rich history of peer support and how roles have evolved and changed over time:

    • Formal peer support role history
    • WRAP
    • Peer respite
    • Early activist work vs. what exists now
    • Important points and people in peer support history
    • Trainer story
    • Questions

Module 4:


Participants will be able to identify and understand the 9 myths about peer support:

      • Mini Clinicians
      • Your Own Rehab
      • Anyone Should Be Good at It
      • Digging for Info
      • No Limits
      • Anti-Psychiatry
      • Special Policies Needed
      • It Should Be Easy
      • Small Groups
      • Debrief

    Module 5:

    What does peer support look like?

    Participants will be able to identify and discuss examples of peer support:

        • Active vs. passive support
        • “Hows” and “Whys”
        • “What does peer support look like?” exercise
        • “Peer Support Integrity” game
        • Being a good ally
        • Being a change agent
        • Work groups
        • Debrief
        • Closing

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