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Our training courses

The vision for New Life II has always been to be more than just a recovery home. Pastors Dana and Evelyn envisioned their ministry to be about community, learning to heal together,  supporting and encouraging one another, and teaching one another how to build, maintain, and restore relationships. One way we live out our mission is to provide community-based education and growth opportunities.

(IHF) Integrated Healing Facilitator

New Britain Police Dept.

Christ Chapel New Testament Church

*This course is open to everyone*

In the attempt to address addiction and mental health issues, New Life II utilizes trained Integrated Healing Facilitators (IHF) to implement addiction recovery-related support to participants. Our IHFs are people who are in recovery and have been trained to use their life experiences as tools to assist individuals in all stages of their recovery. Our IHFs are graduates of the Integrated Healing Facilitators Institute, whose trainers are provided by New Life II and are certified by the Connecticut Certification Board. IHFs are available for one-to-one support to meet with an individual struggling with an addiction, mental health and reentry-related issue. 

New Life II’s IHF provides non-clinical, mutual peer-to-peer support to people whose lives have been affected by addiction, incarceration, trauma, and other life-changing situations. Our team is comprised of individuals who draw from their own diverse experiences and backgrounds to build meaningful relationships. Participants come from throughout the state of Connecticut. The work we do is flexible and designed to meet the individual where they are in their recovery, with enthusiasm and understanding, and without pressure or judgment. 

The IHF approach is built around five considerations:

  • Impact of Trauma
  • Impact of Systemic Oppression
  • Science & Research
  • Harm Reduction Principles
  • Best Practices for Support

New Life II provides the community with IHF training on a monthly basis at various community-based sites. Certified trainers educate participants on the competencies specific to work as an IHF. Our Integrated Healing Facilitator (IHF) training offers a holistic approach to working with and supporting individuals. IHFs view people holistically, as whole people living complex lives and who may be facing a variety of struggles. IHF Training and curriculum are taught through a social justice lens that redefines the nature of what “help” means. IHF is one of the only approaches that attempt to hold all of these pieces at the same time. In doing so, we consider four primary components of a full life: Mind, Body, Spirit, and Community. There are many different approaches in circulation that are designed to help people learn how to better support one another. However, few of them look at people holistically and through a social justice lens. With this understanding in mind, IHF training has proved to be incredibly impactful for “everyday people” and clinical professionals alike. IHF training re-envisions what it means to be human, and to have a multitude of struggles. Because of this “human” approach, the IHF training is beneficial to all demographic areas of service.

During training, participants learn to:

  • Provide support in Reentry, Recovery, and Trauma-informed engagement.
  • Support each individual in identifying what is important to them and facilitate connections with their community and its resources.
  • Provide supports, or act as liaisons to individuals or systems identified as needed by the individual. 
  • Provide transportation as needed to access resources. 
  • Provide culturally competent and person-centered services that promote personal recovery.


Note: The above tenets of this training can be sectioned to fit any individual or agency needs. This training is approved for 26 CEU’s by the Connecticut Certification Board.


The total 34-hour training is split into 5 days, 5 hours each day including 1-hour lunch. (9am-2pm)

Fees: $360 per person for the course, $125 per person for a one-day training session.

Understanding Peer Support


*This course is open to everyone*

One of the most valuable components of a recovery lifestyle is ongoing, regular peer support. Peer support groups are comprised of individuals who draw from their own diverse experiences and backgrounds to build meaningful relationships with enthusiasm, understanding, and without pressure or judgment. We offer this one-day training course to anyone interested in supporting the recovery process as part of our volunteer team.


This is a one-day training course. Days, times, and hours can be modified based on training needs.

Fees: $235 

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