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New Life II…Your Community on the Road to Recovery

Recovery Housing

  • Independent Living
  • Fully Furnished House
  • Double Rooms; singles available
  • Cable television
  • Internet Connection
  • On Transit Route
  • Shopping Nearby
  • Local NA/AA Meetings
  • Offered Church Service

New Life II’s recovery home offers an atmosphere of love, faith, hope and possibilities. A place where individuals are heard, seen, valued and respected.

We are a faith-based, Christian Recovery Housing/Recovery Community Center, however we believe that there are many roads to recovery–ours being only one. Our houses are open to everyone, no matter their religious background.

Unshakeable Men & Unshakeable Women

New Life II assists men and women who are recovering from addiction transform their lives so they may assimilate back into society as caring and productive citizens. To help accomplish this, New Life II has implemented the Unshakable Men and Unshakeable Women programs. Built on three tenets of the Urban Alliance Charis Initiative (Addiction, Crisis & Trauma, and Marriage,) the Unshakable Men and Unshakeable Women programs help participants cope with life’s challenges and heal from painful experiences. Charis aids in strengthening our care programs by equipping us to sensitively respond to individuals who are in distress, connect them to appropriate community resources, and provide education and training that help people improve their mental, emotional, and relational health and resilience. 

New Life II works under the principle that a critical part of a person’s recovery is engaging in healthy relationships and finding community. This is at the very core of the Unshakable Men and Unshakeable Women programs and what makes it uniquely positioned to offer this type of relationship and community to people who are recovering from addiction. New Life II recognizes that proven and modeled therapeutic modalities coupled with God’s power are a mechanism for healing. It’s in the context of loving relationships and a supportive community that a person can most effectively heal, grow, and address struggles with unhealthy addictive behaviors.

Both Unshakeable Men and Unshakeable Women are open not only to the recovery and faith-based communities, but to the community as a whole. 

Bible Study

Not your traditional Bible study! Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7pm. Men’s and women’s groups available.

PEer-to-peer support

Peer recovery support specialists—people credentialed by life experience and on-the-job training—are now being integrated into a wide variety of settings and are delivering services across the stages of long-term addiction recovery. This approach is an integral part of New Life II.

The role of the peer support specialist is to provide care to the recovering participant. Typically, these caregivers have real-life experience in, or with, recovery. Whether they are a volunteer, family member of a recovering person, or a former addict, peer support specialists are critically important when providing emotional and informational support to those in recovery at New Life II.

Peer support specialists within an addiction treatment setting are not 12-step counselors. The peer support specialist works to gain the trust of the recovering patient; they are not governed by 12-step rules, although they may use those tools if preferred.

Peer support specialists are often the living proof that addiction recovery works if you put in the energy and time it takes to get sober. 

Pastoral Care

New Life II participants have access, if they wish, to pastoral care and shepherding through our chaplain, Pastor Dana Smith. Pastor Dana has had years of experience mentoring men and women, teaching them life skills and how to cope with peer pressure, low self-esteem, and how to build character. Pastor Dana offers biblical counsel through teaching Godly principles, and supports participants in their personal and spiritual growth, recovery, and transition back into society.

Re-Entry support

The Greater New Britain Reentry Council is an extension of the CT Reentry Collaborative; a statewide initiative to serve the needs of formerly incarcerated individuals by identifying and reducing barriers to reentry through the sharing of information and resources, educating the community, and influencing public policy. Council members meet monthly to share and provide resources, information, support, and advocacy to those individuals and their families.

The Greater New Britain Reentry Council is a collective representing state and local agencies that are committed to identifying and reducing barriers faced by previously incarcerated individuals returning to this region by organizing resources in a way that makes the greatest impact on these individuals and their families as they rebuild their lives.

The GNBRC seeks to reduce recidivism rates in Greater New Britain by providing coordinated access to resources, stable and long term housing solutions and access to quality employment opportunities where individuals earn livable wages.

Integrated Healing Coaching

In the attempt to address addiction and mental health issues, New Life II utilizes trained Integrated Healing Coaches (IHC) to implement addiction recovery related support to our participants. Our IHC’s are people who are in recovery and have been trained to use their life experiences as tools to assist individuals in all stages of their recovery. Our IHCs are graduates of the Integrated Healing Coaches training provided by New Life II trainers, who are certified by the Connecticut Certification Board. IHCs are available for one-to-one support to meet with an individual struggling with an addiction, mental health and reentry related issue. 

The New Life II IHC program provides non-clinical mutual peer-to-peer support to people whose lives have been affected by addiction, incarceration, trauma, and other life changing situations. Our team is comprised of individuals who draw from their own diverse experiences and backgrounds to build meaningful relationships. Participants in our IHC program come from throughout the state of Connecticut. The work we do is flexible and designed to meet the individual where they are in their recovery, with enthusiasm and understanding, and without pressure or judgment.

New Life II

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