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Loving Through Course

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Loving Through: Supporting Loved Ones Experiencing Addiction/Mental Health Challenges

Loving Through provides an engaging culturally responsive curriculum, taught by facilitators who have direct lived experience with the multitude of challenges that come with loving through hardship. It incorporates intentional journaling, which asks participants self-reflective questions to deeply explore their unique relationship to those they are supporting. 

Curriculum Outline

Day 1:

The Relationship

-The Challenges

-Our “Why”

-My “Why”

-The Relationship

-80/20 Rule


-The Story

-People Change


-Self-determination & Choice

Our day one “take-aways” are insights that will continuously evolve and grow as relationships do; re-envisioning both halves of the relationship.

Day 2:

The internal work


-What is needed to start the conversation

-Holding space

-Truth vs reality

-Being curious

-Active listening




-Communication style and space/time 

Our day two “take-aways” include reviewing fundamental relationship-building principles that empower participants to begin to shift communication warriors within the relationship.

Day 3: 

Moving Forward is the Support We Give Ourselves

-Support vs Saving


-Guilt & Shame


-Self- Care

-Build a Team


-Harm Reduction

-Strengths Focused 


Our day three “take-aways” incorporate reviewing our internal conflicts and beliefs, and “tools” to encourage taking on alternative perspectives of support. 

Course Fees

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TOTAL:       $285

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Application Instructions

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