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Peer support is not about developing more effective services, but rather about creating dialogues that have influence on all of our understandings, conversations, and relationships.

Sherry Mead

From Helping to Learning Together

From Individual to Relationship

From Fear to Hope & Possibility

Intentional Peer Support Training Course: Coming soon!

Questions about this upcoming course? Reach out!

Task 1: Connection – The core of peer support

Task 2: Worldview – Helping each other understand how we’ve come to know what we know

Task 3: Mutuality – Redefining help as co-learning and growing process

Task 4: Moving Towards – Helping each other move towards what we want instead of away from what we don’t want

Application Instructions

Please make sure you understand each item on the list. Only complete applications will be considered.

  • Please complete the entire application prior to submitting it to New Life II.
  • New Life II will not accept payment prior to your acceptance into the training program.¬†
  • New Life II will only accept applications that are complete with full names (not nicknames or initials) and that are signed as required.

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