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Integrated healing Facilitator (IHF) Course

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The Integrated Healing Facilitator Institute

The IHF Institute will equip peer support workers with the knowledge, skills and techniques to support individuals with multiple obstacles such as substance use disorder, trauma, mental health conditions and reentry from incarceration. Although there are other excellent peer trainings available, most do not incorporate the integration of these four obstacles which many individuals are faced with. Our philosophy is to be accessible to all learning styles and provide visual, audio and experiential experiences throughout the training.

“Awesome training!”

New Life II recently provided IHF training to the New Britain Police Department.

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to participate with you, and a faithful and thoughtful group of individuals, in this incredibly effective training. Your interactive method of delivery was ideal. Not only were we all able to get to know each other better, but we learned new skills to prepare ourselves to think differently about those who may be un-homed due to little or no fault of their own; about those who have experienced various levels of trauma in their lives and have the feeling of being alone or invisible to the rest of the world; about those who know the system and the resources, but may be victims of oppression due to their surroundings, racial injustice, disparities in their circumstances or their health status; or they may just need someone to listen to them or be with them quietly until they are ready to express themselves in whatever manner they desire. Thank you for bringing the realities of life to the front of our minds, and for teaching us God’s way of showing us that we are all human beings and all His children. 

Marie M. Spivey

EdD, RN, MPA SEET, LLC, Principal

Training Course

Curriculum Outline

Day 1

Module 1:  Introduction & Overview

  • Land Acknowledgements
  • Intros & Pronouns
  • Training Agreements
  • Training Focus

Module 2: Ethics & Values

  • Ethics & Values Exercise 1
  • Individual Ethics & Values
  • Holding the Shape
  • Ethics & Values Exercise 2

Module 3: Trauma, Part I

  • Trauma Intro & Video
  • Recap & Stats
  • Beyond ACE
  • Reframing Exercise
  • Debrief

Module 4: Trauma, Part II

  • What is Trauma?
  • Faith in Resilience
  • Supports

Module 5: STEPS

  • Building the Environment & Implementing the Model
  • STEPS Exercise
  • Report Back
  • Self-Reflection
  • Trainer Story 1 & Questions

Day 2

Module 1: Anti-Oppression

  • Review
  • Anti-Oppression
  • Beliefs
  • Biases

Module 2: IHF Responsibilities

  • Overview
  • Validate
  • Educate
  • Apologize

Module 3: Anti-Oppression Perspectives

  • Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
  • Using Privilege for Good
  • Interrupting
  • Discussion
  • Debrief

Module 4: Connection

  • Intro to the TEFT Tool
  • Connection Components
  • Being Present
  • Validation
  • Agenda Game & Debrief
  • Learning Together
  • Expert on Self
  • Real Curiosity
  • Sharing of Self
  • Connection Exercise & Debrief

Module 5: The Future

  • Tend to the Future
  • FUTURE Exercise
  • Debrief (with Partner & Group)
  • Trainer Story 2

Day 3

Module 1: Language

  • Intro to Language
  • Unlearning
  • Exploring Assumptions
  • Why Loss of Power Matters
  • Why Start with Language
  • Assumptions & Debrief

Module 2: Instead

  • Instead Explanation
  • Instead Exercise
  • Final Thoughts

Module 3: Trauma, Part III

  • History & Recap
  • Substance Abuse Stats
  • How Trauma Shows Up
  • Systemic Oppression
  • Science
  • Harm Reduction
  • Partner Exercise

Module 4: Support

  • Best Practices
  • Group Exercise 1 & Debrief
  • Group Exercise 2 & Debrief
  • Trainer Story 3

Day 4

Module 1: Emotional Distress & Trauma

  • Review & Revisit
  • Psychiatry as a Tool of Oppression
  • Video
  • Brain Scans
  • Biological Roots & Genetics
  • Science Behind Treatments
  • Power Imbalance vs. Chemical Imbalance

Module 2: Harm Reduction, Part I

  • Adapted Harm Reduction Principles
  • Examples
  • Best Practices
  • Group Exercise 1 & Debrief
  • Group Exercise 2 & Debrief
  • Trainer Story 4

Module 3: Trauma, Part IV

  • Trauma & Incarceration
  • Movie

Module 4: Harm Reduction, Part II

  • Debrief Movie
  • Harm Reduction Review
  • Best Practices
  • Exercise
  • Trainer Story 4

Day 5

Module 1: Trauma, Part V

  • Review & History
  • Trauma & Homelessness
  • Systemic Oppression
  • Science
  • Harm Reduction
  • Best Practices

Module 2: Exercises

  • Group Exercise & Debrief
  • Group Exercise 2 & Debrief
  • Trainer Story 5

Module 3: Panel

  • Introductions & Stories
  • Q&A

Module 4: Small Group Work

  • Using the TEFT Tool
  • Support & Ethical Responsibilities

Module 5: Humility

  • Introduction
  • Exercise & Debrief

Presentation of Certificates & Testimonies

Course Fees

All fees are non-refundable unless otherwise stated here.

Application Processing Fee (due upon acceptance):       $35

IHF Course Registration Fee:       $325

TOTAL:       $360

NOTE: Only make a payment once you have submitted an application and have been accepted. 

Please designate your payment as “IHF Registration.” Thank you!

Application Instructions

Please make sure you understand each item on the list. Only complete applications will be considered.

  • Please complete the entire application prior to submitting it to New Life II.
  • New Life II will not accept payment prior to your acceptance into the training program. 
  • New Life II will only accept applications that are complete with full names (not nicknames or initials) and that are signed as required.

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